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If this reminds you of the X-Men, or Heroes, then you are not alone.

Same basic plot: people with super powers, secret government agency (also called "Division", like in Nikita), and people trying to kill each other.

In this movie, the super-powered people are divided into the following:
  • Movers: Those who can move objects with their minds. Also used to refer to people who transport your furniture when moving into a new house.
  • Pushers: Those who can push thoughts into other people's heads. This includes Djimon Hounsou, who has abandoned his trademark screaming, since it would be out of character, as Pushers talk through the mind; and Camilla Belle, who has seemingly pushed out all the hotness in her since 10, 000 B.C., as she looks totally disheveled here. Also used to refer to people who sell drugs for a living.
  • Watchers: Those who can see the future. This includes Dakota Fanning, who foresaw this movie as a stepping stone to playing a vampire in New Moon
  • Bleeders: Those who can give out high-pitched screams and make your eardrums bleed. But really, "bleeders"? I would've gone for "screamers". And they're really ugly when they scream. Hideous.
  • Sniffs: Those who can track other people. You know, "sniff" them out.
  • Shifters: Those who can change an object's appearance to others. This includes Cliff Curtis, who has succeeded in shifting his appearance into Fire Lord Ozai. I was half-expecting him to suddenly throw out fireballs, but then I stopped and reminded myself that this isn't The Last Airbender.
  • Wipers: Those who can wipe your memory. Also used to refer to those sticks that move across your car windshield to wipe away bird poop.
  • Shadows: Those who can keep Sniffs from finding someone. They're like a human cloaking device. Also used to refer to dark areas blocked from light.
  • Stitchers: Those who can heal. You know, like doctors. Because they "stitch you up". Come on.

Now what makes this movie different from the others? Well, as far as I know, it's not adapted from any previous source or medium. It is an original screenplay. Not an original story. Just screenplay.

*some info from IMDb
pic from pajiba.com

Push. USA/Canada/UK. 2009.

Original rating: Five and a half out of ten.
Putting a leash on Djimon Hounsou's shouting: Plus point five.
Final rating: Six out of ten.


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