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You to Me are Everything

Look, Dingdong, this cat can act better than us.

This is the reason why movies like One More Chance stand out.

Dialogue sucked. The story sucked a bit too. Although nothing that a good director couldn't have made better.

Anyway, here's my take on the stars.

Dingdong Dantes: Your acting doesn't really stand out. Maybe with a few more movies. And I hope they pit you against the really great actors. So you'd get better. Because you kind of suck.

Marian Rivera: Okay, you're really pretty, and I don't know any guy who wouldn't have sex with you. Your facial expressions are really animated, which is good. But the way you deliver your lines─classic Filipino delivery. Which means it sucks.

Manilyn Reynes: You've grown fat. And I've never liked you since the eighties. Which means you suck.

Jacklyn Jose: You've grown fat as well. But it doens't matter. You are the only actress worth noting in this movie. I love your Ilocano accent. Why didn't Marian Rivera speak in an Ilocano accent as well, considering both of you are from Benguet? The only answer is: Marian Rivera cannot do a decent Ilocano accent to save her life. Because she sucks.

And on a final note: Can the Filipino film producers stop using American song titles as movie titles? Please? Thank you.

*pic from The Delano Observer

You to Me are Everything. Philippines. 2010.

Rating: Four out of ten.


he song-slash-movie title had little or nothing to do with the story. I have no idea what made Dingdong's character go back to Benguet and Marian, I think a scene or a motivation was lacking. Speaking of motivation, you don't "sshhhh" a co-actor when he or she hasn't given you reason to a.k.a if she hasn't spoken a word or a syllable for you to "sshhh". And you don't take the intonation of Ms. Cherie Gil's famous line, just because your line starts with "You're nothing but a..."

I'll take JLC and Bea or Sarah anytime. Or Eugene or Vice Ganda. Or anyone really. Anyone but these two. Never again to Marian and Dingdong. I never even liked them.

(Hmm. I wonder if the Kimerald tandem will live up to them? Then again, hearing Kim Chu deliver her lines makes me think naaah.)

Filipino cinema is, I believe, a whole lot better that what this film attempts to offer. Pfft.

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