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Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

"Don't worry, Michael. There'll be more roles for sissies like you."
One look at the title, and you'll know it's about music. I mean, there's the word "playlist". Come on.

Basically, a ho-hum movie that's not even about music. Yeah, there are a lot of bands, and lots of gigs. But it's not really about music. It's about Nick and Norah.

Nick a.k.a. Michael Cera: Michael Cera cannot act his way out of a paper bag. His demeanor may be considered adorable in Superbad or Juno, but that's because he's young, and he plays a young character. But once he grows old, and he still acts in his trademark soft-spoken sissy acting style, don't expect him in too many movies after that.

Norah a.k.a. Kat Dennings: I've never noticed you before. You come off as one of those cool, rocker chicks. And you probably know how to play the guitar. And you're cute. Plus a little bit slutty. Which I like. Must be the mouth. Hehe.

The Rest of the Cast: Virtual unknowns. Except for Jay Baruchel as Norah's ex. Nick's ex is really not my type, except maybe naked. And the lead vocalist for Nick's gay band is strangely familiar.

*pic from Listal

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. USA. 2008.

Rating: Six out of ten.


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