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World Icons: Paul the Octopus

Only because Paul the Octopus hates Arjen Robben.
The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be known for two things: vuvuzelas, and Paul the Octopus.

Paul, an Octopus from Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany, correctly predicted every single match of Germany, plus the final match between Spain and the Netherlands. He quickly achieved superstar status after that, sparking a research in other animal oracles the world over.

I can't really say that Paul will be missed, as octopi have at most only a three-year life span. But Spanish fans will grieve his loss, and German and Dutch fans will be finally glad that Paul has finally settled in Davy Jones's locker.

Paul, a.k.a. The Oracle of Oberhausen, ~January 2008 - 26 October 2010

*some info from Wikipedia
pic from Time NewsFeed


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