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The Town

This flick really threw me off. Not in a negative way. I mean, I really wasn't readin' or hearin' any reviews about this one, so I really had a clean slate when it came to comin' up with worthless opinions about the film overall. After all, opinions are like assholes. They all stink!

It's always a good thing to hang around afterwards and watch the credits rolling. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't know that it was Ben "formerly Bennifer" Affleck who directed the flick. In all actuality, he is indeed a better playwright than actor. Man if Shakespeare sucked at acting, then can we all say that Ben Affleck is William Shakespeare version 2.0? I don't really know where this is leading to, but the bottom line is that Mr. Bennifer (yes, I guess he's still "Bennifer" since he's married to Jennifer Garner now) here is better off directing. I for one am a would-be sucker for all of his upcoming flicks.

The hidden gem here ladies and gentlemen, is none other than Mr. Hurt Locker himself, Jeremy Renner. Well Ben, Jeremy, and the others did a good job in switching the lever to the Irish-Bostonian/Charlestownian accent setting. Whoever their accent coach was (my guess is that it's the same accent coach who taught Forest Whitaker in speaking like Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland), he/she did a wonderful job in converting their tongues into fully-fledged semi-Irishmen.

The innovative thing that I saw was the part where the SWAT team threw a bomb at 'em and then everything went silent after the explosion. Well almost everything. Except for the incessant ringin' sound. You know, that high-pitched sound you hear after your eardrums take in a sudden blastful? That was I think the first time that somebody got the actual feel of bein' blasted, and then simulated that feel and translated it into film for us viewers to experience. It's the li'l things like these that make my viewing superb. I live for these moments!

When everything's said and done, I'd give this movie a 9 out of 10 due to the fact that I was fully disoriented after that explosion I was talkin' about.

*image from thescriptlab.com


Was supposed to watch this at Gateway last night. Unfortunately...wala na. Boo.

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