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Band of Brothers: Real American Heroes

Band of Brothers is about this really tight group of soldiers during World War II. Kind of like G.I. Joe, without the black people, as segregation in the army was still in back then.

But unlike G.I. Joe, the men of Easy Company are NOT real American heroes. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Maj. Richard D. Winters
Damian Lewis (English)

Cpl. Eugene Roe
Shane Taylor (English)

Pvt. Robert "Popeye" Wynn
Nicholas Aaron (Welsh)

Sgt. Wayne "Skinny" Sisk
Philip Barantini (English)

Sgt. Alton More
Doug Allen (English)

Ssgt. John Martin
Dexter Fletcher (English)

Sgt. Charles "Chuck" Grant
Nolan Hemmings (English)

Cpl. Joseph Liebgott
Ross McCall (Scot)

1st Lt. Harry Welsh
Rick Warden (English)

Pvt. Edward "Babe" Heffron
Robin Laing (Scot)

Sgt. Burton "Pat" Christenson
Michael Fassbender (German Irish)

Ssgt. Floyd "Tab" Talbert
Matthew Leitch (English)

Cpl. Alex Penkala
Tim Matthews (English)

Pvt. Roy Cobb
Craig Heaney (English)

Cpl. Donald Hoobler
Peter McCabe (British)

Pvt. Allen Vest
Kieran O'Brien (English)

1st Lt. Norman Dike
Peter O'Meara (Irish)

Pfc. John Janovec
Tom Hardy (English)

Sgt. Myron "Mike" Ranney
Stephen Graham (English)

1st Sgt. William Evans
Simon Pegg (English)

Pvt. James Miller
James McAvoy (Scot)

Pvt. Albert Blithe
Marc Warren (English)

There you have it. I think there are more British actors in this series than Americans. I didn't even include the lesser-known ones yet.

I listed Peter McCabe as "British" because I'm not quite sure if he's English, Scottish, Welsh, or Irish. That's because there is no bio of him on the major sites like IMDb or Wikipedia.

Isn't it amazing to see how many of the Band of Brothers alumni are actually familiar faces in Hollywood right now? I didn't even know Simon Pegg, Tom Hardy, and James McAvoy were in this flick. So I guess I'll just have to watch it again. For the nth time.

Now to answer the question: Why does Hollywood need to import non-American actors to play G.I.s? It's because they shot Band of Brothers in England. Just imagine how much it would cost to fly and billet the entire cast as opposed to letting some of them go home after work.

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Haha. McAvoy was in the fourth episode, titled "Replacements". He died at the end of that episode. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

They weren't imported, the series was filmed for the most part in England and Europe.

Yes I know that thank you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nick Aaron is Welsh not English.

Thank you, kind anonymous sir. I have changed it.

Anonymous said...

and they actually spoke pretty good American (english)

@Anonymous: Yes, I know.

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