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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 14: Crying Wolf

Torturing me will leave you heartless.
"I can't stay here. Not like this."

It's a farewell to the werewolves resident and guests of Mystic Falls because either they're dead or they've finally skipped town. But they'll be back, as much as I don't want Tyler to be alive, really. It's good to see that the Damon-Alaric bromance is getting more screen time. There were crucial-to-the-plot revelations from the warlock's camp and soon probably to Jenna, too. Uncle John is now the convenient go-to guy to start conflicts. Even the rip-your-heart-off-your-chest move (Stefan has joined the bandwagon with Damon and Elijah.) is kinda getting old and boring seeing less action because of it. I wonder if the writers see these little stuff turning into some kind of pattern. Hmmm.

Also, Bonnie and Jeremy finally share their first kiss, which reminded me that these kids are still in high school. And yet Elena gets to go on a weekend getaway with just her boyfriend. What the?


Claire said...

I agree with everything, especially the heart ripping out thing! Haha! But not with being surprised with the high school kids getaway thing. Hehe.

I love Damon-Alaric bromance. Alaric tends to be more witty around Damon. ^_^

Onga. Mas may silbi sya as ka-bromance ni Damon kesa boypren ni Jenna or History teacher. Hahaha.

Hindi naman ako nagulat sa romantic getaway nila, hindi lang masyado realistic. Hehe.

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