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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 16: The House Guest

Baby Warlock is dead and Papa Warlock couldn't help but join him. 
"Some kind of crazy-ass psychic witch attack."

Luka was toast. Jonas was vampire-bitten and neck-snapped. And just like that, the warlocks are gone. To be honest, they had it coming—especially Jonas. This gives Bonnie the witch-spotlight now. Her powers are back and Jonas passed something (vital information or more power, perhaps?) onto her, about how to deal with Klaus and save his daughter Greta, who might be a little bit of trouble if she knew who made her an orphan.

Other than that, it's girls night = girl power, or a.k.a. relationship check for everyone:

  • Alaric tells Jenna he loves her until Isobel shows up at her door. Okay, I wanted the werewolves out, but I didn't mean bring back the pre-werewolf villains. But with her boyfriend's (un)dead wife back, Jenna should know everything soon. 
  • Caroline sings to Mattt onstage—pretty beautiful rock-chic voice but I don't understand the song choice. "Eternal Flame," really?! Also, Matt gets an almost-fatal dose of the truth, and him freaking out on Caroline is such a sad sight. 
  • Bonnie and Jeremy get Elena's blessing. I'm not a big fan of them, so let's just wait and see how this pans out. This, however, gives Jeremy a more defined role in the series since his you-and-me-against-the-world stint with Anna (†).
  • And last but certainly not the least, Damon puts off Katherine's sexual advances. Okay, maybe this has nothing to do with girl power, but the resident bitch not getting any—not even a kiss—from the hottest guy in this series is a truly a goodie. 

The Vampire Diaries is on a month-long break again. Boo. They awfully go on a lot of breaks this season. I hope it's worth it, so 'till then.


Claire said...

What?! Break na naman! >.< And I wasn't even satisfied by this episode.

Also, I miss Anna. :(

Onga. Puro relationships lang ang laman ng episode, hindi pa ganun katino ang sort of cliffhanger ending, tapos one month break. Na naman. Boooooooo.

Sana may reincarnation si Anna na human. Para panggulo sa kanila ni Bonnie. Hehe.

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