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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 12: The Descent

Don't you just wish it's you he's cuddling in bed?
"I miss it more than anything in the world."

That more or less sums up my feelings after watching this show again after a looong break. And it did semi-justice to its absence for those waiting and wanting to have their dose of Damon. And he didn't disappoint either. Really. The Big Bad Boy of The Vampire Diaries—again—just shattered everything that sent us the message that he's good. That actually makes me root for him more. It's his personal struggle that defined this episode and not the vampire-human love affair (I think we have enough of that from other vampire franchises). But I'm not sure I like Damon tearing up so often so I hope this kill is an omen for more. And I think he'll do just that with a pack of werewolves coming to town plus the arrival of Klaus.

Caroline is one lucky girl but it's not a triangle at all because she obviously loves Matt. Tyler has some important decisions to make—friends or "wolfriends." If the writers are shaping up Tyler to be the enemy, please, please , please kill him fast.

Also, I liked how Rose took a bow from the series—madly dramatic. And that's only partly because she was very, very influential to Damon given the little time she spent in Mystic Falls. Did I already mention that Damon stole the entire episode? Yeah, I think I did already.


Claire said...

I know dying of a loved one as a catalyst for character internal decisions is overused. But they did it so heart-wrenchingly well, that I'm not complaining. ^_^

Although, I think that even though Caroline loves Matt, they'd be pushing for more Tyler/Caroline developments.

Agree. Only because if Caroline/Matt irons out, he would eventually have to learn about the vampires and werewolves. We would have another vampire-human relationship, which is bordering on redundancy since we already have Elena/Stephan for that. And not because I like to see more of Tyler, though his part is kinda necessary now, I guess. Sorry, I can't seem to ever like that guy.

Yes, Damon's kinda changing. You have to watch the next episode. Hehe.

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