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Coming Soon: The Black Mamba

Wait, isn't Kobe Bryant's nickname the "Black Mamba"?

Wait, was that Kobe Bryant with Bruce Willis? Kobe's got a movie?

"Only the great players get their own movie." 

"Damn right."

So, should you fear the Black Mamba? Well, maybe you should fear his acting. I'm not really sure he can act as good as he plays basketball.

Okay, here's another Black Mamba trailer.

If you're not watching this because you hate Kobe Bryant for his sexual assault case, then at least watch it because it's directed by Robert Rodriguez. Although some of you may not watch this because you think Robert Rodriguez is a sell-out.

"I'm no sell-out! But I do look like Woody Harrelson."

*pics from Onion StaticBoston Herald and Sci-Fi Scoop
videos from YouTube here and here


Pow said...

congrats you won. I also submitted but lost..

my website is http://www.powcast.net/

Wow, that ugly dude from Desperado and Once Upon A Time In Mexico sure has those creepy long fingers!

And that dude doin' the voice-over. Isn't that the same voice that says "Only on Pay-Per-View" everytime a UFC card is announced?

Joan said...

wooow. congrats for winning a ticket! :) please drop by my blog too lets be friends hehe

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