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Montiel VS Donaire

Not an actual poster.

Nonito Donaire was the man last weekend, which was dubbed boxing's first big weekend of 2011. Of course, I'm a main event guy when it comes to boxing. Unfortunately, the main event lasted only two rounds, similar to the PacMan-Hatton fight. It was also eerily similar to how it ended, with both fighters sleeping on the canvas. Well, let's proceed with the undercard.


Mike Alvarado VS Dean Harrison

The night started with Alvarado stopping the Englishman dead in his tracks (in his stool actually) in four rounds. Harrison was just kept on his stool before the fifth round started. I don't know what's next for these guys. All I know is that Alvarado climbs up and Harrison slides down the junior welterweight ranks.

This could determine your contender status.

Yordenis Ugas VS Carlos Musquez

The Cuban former Olympic bronze medalist at the 2008 Beijing Games disposed of Musquez because of his superior talent and counter-punching. The only thing was that his talent didn't prevent him from being hurt from a Musquez shot in the opening stanza. Ugas has great anticipation and timing, but his glass chin could be an Achilles tendon in the long run, so I think he won't make it to greatness. That's just my two cents though.

It's not art, it's a liability!

Mark Melligen VS Gabriel Martinez

Our very own Mark Melligen slugged it out in this interesting 10-round scrap to see who would take the next step towards legitimate contention. Melligen seemed to be the flashier fighter, which helped him (I think) in winning by a wide gap in the scorecards.

Mickey Bey VS Jose Hernandez

Tough journeyman Hernandez shook Bey up a bit in the beginning, though Bey seemed to befuddle Hernandez after the shake-up by using ripping combos and slick defensive maneuvers. But this wasn't enough. Hernandez is a tough nut to crack, so he ended up blemishing Bey's perfect 16-0 record.


Mike Jones VS Jesus Soto-Karass

This is technically a rematch from 2010. I myself haven't watched the first fight. But from the looks of it, Soto-Karass seemed to be a rugged motherfucker. Jones opened the round by sticking and moving, landing a jab here and there. After a couple of rounds and a couple of exchanges, Soto-Karass came out with a cut over his left eye. But that didn't stop Soto-Karass from bringing the action to Jones.

This was what Soto-Karass did when he saw his own blood.

Though this was not enough because Jones just fought cautiously, saving his most vicious barrages towards the last three rounds to cruise to a unanimous decision victory.

With the crowd booing of course.

Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire VS Fernando Montiel

I pity the fans who paid good money to see this live. It just ended in the secound round, with Montiel twitching like an epileptic via a nasty left hook to the temple. The only weird thing was that he got to stand up, and the stupid ref still let the fighters roll! But after two more punches, the ref realized his stupidity and stepped in to stop the contest. I myself am no expert in refereeing. But if Montiel was twitching like that scene in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre where the dude gets smashed with a meat cleaver, then clearly the fight has to end.

It's contagious...

It was amazing that Montiel still stood up like it was morning time. But it was clear that his eyes were somewhere else.

Montiel: Artist's impression

This clearly cements Donaire's status as a top-five pound-for-pound guy. Or top-four even.

With this guy basically being a non-entity right now.

The Philippines has a bright future with this dude. Next stop, Manny-Mosley!

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