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Saw: The Final Chapter

[should've been posted ages ago...]

I should have watched Narnia for more eye candy.But since it's the shock factor that I'm looking for, then this was the obvious choice (Man, I wouldn't even touch My Amnesia Girl with a 10 foot pole, there's always 50 First Dates or somethin' for that).

Honestly, I didn't watch a single Saw movie, so you might be wonderin' what the f**k I was doin' there? Well as I've said, I was lookin' for somethin' to jolt me up.

Should have bought myself one o' these...

And this flick didn't disappoint. So much blood and gore around that I thought I was watching The Meat Shop Channel if ever there was one.

The protagonist Gibson was pretty stupid to get killed by a machine gun that was being controlled by no one. The tough police dude should have just ducked when he saw the machine gun firin' off automatically to blow their heads off. But instead, he just stared into the machine gun's barrell like he was about to get a sneak-peek at Scarlett Johansson's pussy.

Oh no you don't. You didn't say the magic word!

The lady, who was the killer's wife or somethin' (clearly shows that I was not 100%-focused on any storyline) looked like Brooke Shields who just turned granny. Unless she really is Brooke. I'm sure she ain't because I didn't see her name in the credits.

Brooke could do wonders for the granny-porn industry though.

And guess what, international rockstar Chester Bennington (vocalist for Linkin' Park) seems to love acting. He doesn't care if he just lands a small role. I guess he's just trying to collect as many under his actin' belt as possible, to make his Hollywood resumé that much more impressive. Besides me seein' him in Cranked 2, he also made an appearance here. Too bad he died. Hope that he gets bigger roles next time.

A career in smoking might be possible too...

Overall, a B-movie scream fest at best. 4.5 outta 10.

An actual scream fest!

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Si Scar Jo ba talaga 'yang nasa picture?

Siya nawa...As in...hehehe!

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