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The Pacific

When people ask me what The Pacific is all about, I just tell them, "It's like Band of Brothers, only in the Pacific. Duh." I'm not really sure if Dale Dye was the same military adviser for this series. Anyway, who gives a damn about military advisers in war films? World War II geeks, that's who.

Part One

"Stick 'em up, Jap."

Oh wow. Hanks and Spielberg teamed up again. Those World War II junkies really need their fix. You really can't help but compare it to Band of Brothers. Because they really are similar. Although the Pacific war came first. Just can't help thinking that the Pacific vets approached Spielberg and Hanks and told them, "Hey, do a series about us!"

Part Two

"Hey, don't you think we're too yellow?"

HBO's starting to use the intro of "Previously...on The Pacific." It makes it seem too... pop. Action-packed again, as always. And great cinematography. This was warfare before night-vision goggles. Which makes me wonder how they were able to wage jungle warfare back then. Maybe, even if they couldn't see the Japanese, maybe they could feel them. Or smell them. I don't know.

Part Three

What the hell is a picnic basket doing in a World War II flick?

One word: BORING. That's all caps. Sure, there was sex. But seriously, I didn't watch this series to see soldiers on R & R. Check out the pic. Does that look like World War II to you? I watched this for my daily dose of World War II action. And this episode has none. The only action I saw were the pumping scenes in bed. Boo.

Part Four

"This is really boring."

Okay, so there was some action in the first part. But the second part went kind of slow. You know why? Because they changed location. They followed Bob Leckie to the hospital, where he spent the rest of the episode. Hospitals = boring. Anywhere outside the war zone is boring.

Part Five

"They didn't call me 'Manila' for nothing!"

You'ld've thought this episode would suck. It started out with John "Manila" Basilone back in the States, selling war bonds, and having sex. Again, any scene outside the war scene is boring. But it did make up for it, by showing the Peleliu landing in the second half of the episode. Possibly the best battle scene in the series. So far.

Part Six

"Check out my sidestep."

Good thing the boys are still on Peleliu Island. This means action. Too bad about their thirst problem though. And I'm already starting to like the annoying guy with buggy eyes. I used to hate him because of his drawl. But I felt sorry for him here.

Part Seven

"Why's everyone going in the opposite direction?"

Great action sequences. But this has got to be the crappiest, ugliest war zone I've seen. It's all rocks, and dead trees. It looks like the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie. And John Basilone is still in the States, selling war bonds.

Part Eight

"Eskimos rub their noses when they kiss. Like this."

Okay, three-fourths of this episode was boring, because it was set, again, outside the war zone. But it does make up for it because it showed how John Basilone met, fell in love with, wooed, and married his wife. It didn't suck too much because Mrs. Basilone was pretty. They also showed some basic training scenes, which I find kind of strange that the filmmakers placed it toward the end of the series. The other one-fourth of the episode was set in Iwo Jima, another Pacific island that looks like Mordor.

Part Nine

"If my face is all dirty, why are my teeth white?"

Emotions run high as the series draws to a close. And I was not mistaken that the bug-eyed Private Shelton seems to be a great character after all. Sure, he may be a dick to his comrades. But he sure is nice to the Japs. Well, not really nice, but ethical.

Part Ten

No one wants to watch that kind of drama. 

Like I said earlier, I don’t really like war films that devote a huge part of the movie to civilian life. I expect to see war. Well, the only good thing in this episode was when Bob Leckie decided to court Vera Keller.

There we have it. Ten episodes. Just like Band of Brothers. World War II. Just like Band of Brothers. With a lot of non-war scenes. Unlike Band of Brothers. And a lot of... hell, you know what? I'll just do a heads-up battle. The Pacific vs. Band of Brothers. We'll see who whoops whose ass.

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