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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 15: The Dinner Party

It's my party and I'll kill if I want to.
"There's no such thing as a bad idea, just poorly executed awesome ones."

Although Mystic Falls creates event after event after event to get these people together, Damon really knows how to throw a killer party. I missed Caroline in this episode though. And it's a relief with no dog smell around.
I miss your skin-tight jeans, girl. What's up with that smile?
But OMG. Hooray for Lexi! Wohoo. Too bad we can see her only in flashbacks now. It was really touching to see Damon show a bit of real guilt and remorse when Stefan asked him, "You remember her?" Damn. So, if Stefan was the more monstrous of the two when the brothers turned and Lexi was the one who made Stefan be sort of human again, how come Damon lost it along the way and became obsessed with Katherine when he debuted in the show? I want Damon's story to be told! Mind that, writers. 
How many times does Elijah have to die in this series?
I have to say I am going to miss Elijah, his elegance and charm. He was so cool, whether killing or helping someone. I believe they're gonna have to pull the dagger off him when it's time to kill Klaus. And if he reawakens (I hope he does), Elijah should take Elena's side. After all, he wanted Klaus dead, too. And warlock, please, you have to start choosing your friends and enemies well. Klaus is your common enemy, so give Bonnie's powers back! I think it's time to bring Lucy the witch back, you know, maybe a witch-warlock fight would be cool.
Shove the ring up your ass and you'll still be dead sooner or later.
And Alaric, Alaric, I feel your pain as much as I love thy name. Last week, I thought you were more of use to the series as Damon's frenemy and being Jenna's boyfriend was just a sideshow. I still feel that way but it was admirable of you to shut your mouth even if it meant protecting and losing Jenna altogether. Get John for that soon, I hope. And Katherine, too, for everything nasty she's done. Yes, the bitch is back and out of her cave. Boo-yah.


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