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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 7: Masquerade

Stuck in a room with the men in black.
"Tonight, Katherine gets a stake through her heart."

Not! But at least they tried and were almost successful, if not for the witch factor, which really adds to the supernatural appeal. Yet, they succeed with the help of the witch factor all the same. Neat. I'm not sure I'm liking Bonnie though. I hope Lucy, the other Bennett witch (yes, they're cousins), really makes a comeback. She's much more experienced. But for Damon to be the one to put Katherine in the tomb she was supposed to have been rotting in years ago, I think that was a nice touch. Finally avenging his "head-over-heels-145-year-old-love-for-nothing-but-squat" is a fitting end to that story line. I still wonder why they didn't just kill the bitch.

Sorry, but drunk flirting fill-in girls are annoying and better off dead, thank you very much. Tyler's finally going to be a werewolf next full moon, but I still don't like him, making his eyes big in every single scene. Caroline is trying to play the hero. And Jeremy wants some love. The show may have closed some books but it's clearly opening a whole lot more. I love it.

And did I mention some masked man kidnaps Elena? Yes. So stay tuned.

*photo from portal-series.com


Nina Dobrev is so smoking hot.

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