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Going The Distance

We're dating. Let's make a movie.
Downtime day has to have a feel-good rom-com movie hour. Or something like that.

Erin (Drew Barrymore), an intern in the local New York newspaper falls in love with music label employee Garrett (Justin "The Mac Guy" Long) with six weeks left in her stay in the "concrete jungle" before she goes back to Los Angeles. But they continue the relationship flying back and forth and so on and so forth. But long distance relationships take a toll. Really.

Yes. Really. And it was cute and somewhat realistic up to the part where they get back together (Rom-com couples usually end up together, so that doesn't count as a spoiler). It feels a little contrived, but who knows, maybe it could happen in real life. And you couldn't argue with the real-life chemistry the two leads demonstrated. It's like they're not even acting at all. But the real gems of this chick flick are the support actors who really brought the "comedy' in this romantic-comedy:
I'm the control-freak elder sister. Rawr.
We're funnier without partners. Hehe.
Christina Applegate is really funny and pretty, too. Jason Sudeikis is starting to equate his name with comedy. And Charlie Day reminds me of Joe Pesci. Watch this for them, and don't keep your hopes up for anything else. 

Going The Distance gets five out of ten for its realistic chemistry, good (sometimes green) humor, and happy ending.

*photos from jay-elx.blogspot.com and celebritywonder.com


Why is Justin Long called "The Mac Guy"?

I'm not sure. I think he used to be the guy in their commercials. Hehe.

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