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DJ Earworm's United State of Pop. 2010

Okay, I've been waiting for this video since the day after Christmas. And as of this writing, this video has more than two million hits. Less than two days after it was posted. Good job, DJ Earworm.

I don't know what DJ Earworm looks like. So here's a real earworm instead.

Personally, I liked last year's mash-up more than this one. But some prefer this one. A lot of YouTube commenters, however, agree with me. (Spell-check says "commenters" is not a word, nor is "commentors". What do you call people who comment, then? Definitely not "commentators".)

Some commentors (commenters, commentors, whatever) however have come to DJ Earworm's defense, citing that the 2010 mash-up sucked compared to the 2009 mash-up because this year's songs sucked compared to last year's. DJ Earworm poured his time and effort to create something that would mash all of this year's sucky songs together, and he did a pretty decent job. So everyone, just sit back, enjoy the video, and accept the fact that Autotune has conquered the first year of the new decade.

Another victory from robots in disguise set to conquer Earth.

*video from DJ Earworm on YouTube
pics from Marlin E. Rice and Power Commander

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I like this year's version than last year's. Hehe. :D

Actually, after listening to it a few times more, it gets better. Hehe.

Thanks! Now I know what an Autotune looks like!

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