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Why Dom Cobb is the Most Awesome Movie Character of 2010

I guess it's pretty obvious. I love Inception so much, I'm making another post about it.

And there are some things that you realize about a film only after watching it a second time. Or a third time. Or in my case, a fourth time.

And let me tell you why I think Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) is in my opinion the most awesome movie character of 2010. You can see it by the looks that the characters give him at the end of the movie. Remember when they were about to land? Everyone just starts giving him looks. Looks that tell a different story altogether. The story of Dom Cobb's awesomeness. Starting with this:

"Shit. Where the hell am I? Am I still in Limbo? The last thing I remember is being trapped in Limbo."

"Great work man! I mean, bringing Saito back from Limbo. I mean, yeah, I haven't seen Limbo yet. But from what I know, it's pretty dangerous. And you got back! Just before we land! That's freakin' amazin'!"

"Woah, Cobb. You're back? That quick? I mean, I honestly thought you'd be gone for a few more days. That Limbo is one creepy place. I was already thinking of what I was going to say when we landed, you know, like, 'Hey immigration people, this is our Asian friend and our white friend, and I think they had their champagne spiked with acid. They've 'flown over the cuckoo's nest', if you know what I mean. Anyway, throw 'em in a straitjacket, then lock 'em up somewhere until they come back to their senses.' Or something like that. But gosh, I can't believe you got Saito out that fast!"

"Woah, I'm so spaced out. Where am I? An airplane? I just had the weirdest dream. Like I was ten thousand years old. I thought I'd die. I thought I'd never come back from whatever that place was. And you were in it, Cobb. But you were young and I was old. How was that possible?"

"Oh shit, Saito's looking at me with that crazy look. Did I bring him back safely? Or have his brains turned to scrambled eggs? But what if he's crazy? How the hell am I going to get through immigration? Damn you Saito, you better NOT be crazy! I need that damn phone call!"

"Why is Cobb looking at me like that? Wait, isn't Cobb one of America's Most Wanted? How's he going to get past immigration? Oh yeah, right. The phone call."

"Holy shit. I just got Saito back from Limbo! In less than five minutes! Holy shit. I just saved his life. Holy shit. Did I say I just got Saito back from Limbo? Holy shit. I just did the impossible. Holy shit."

And the story of his awesomeness continues even after the plane lands.

"You're so awesome, Cobb. Best. Extractor. Ever. Damn it, you're making me wet."

"There he is! My main man Cobb! You know, my sedative is really powerful shit, and yet you managed to bring back Saito from Limbo even before the "Fasten Your Seatbelt" sign came on! You're the man, Cobb. Respect."

"I know I already gave you my 'You're So Freakin' Awesome' smile back at the plane. But I just want to tell you that you're so freakin' awesome. So here I am giving it to you one more time."

"Yeah, okay, Cobb. You're the best. Even I couldn't have gotten Saito out of that nightmare in under five minutes. I'd give you a high five, but I don't do high fives. That's so gay. So I'll just stand here and try to look more awesome than you."

"That guy looks so familiar. I think I've seen him somewhere. Maybe I've seen him in a dream. Or in a movie. He kind of looks like that guy from Titanic."

"Totally from Titanic."

Also featured in the pics are Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and some uncredited guy.

*some info from IMDb


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