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Edward Norton deserves my "ticket for the party of awesome actors" right here. I kinda' don't like Edward initially because his voice in narratives seems to be just that same, droning voice. But here, his voice is that of a high-pitched, West Coast, white trash thug. He must've done some method acting on this one. Hence, the transformation.
Didn't I tell you not to use drugs during method acting?
Robert De Niro just gives out his usual, vintage, De Niro performance here. You know, the grumpy type like that step-dad in Meet The Fockers. That's all that he's gonna be from here thereon.
I somehow see stagnation when it comes to Robert De Niro's acting.
Now here's the sleeper, Milla Jovovich. Honestly, I don't find her hot in any of the Resident Evil installments. I just watched that shit because I used to play the game back then. And that's it!
Emma Stone and Stone? Why not?
But here, woooh! Dang! Hotness! The boobs though are a liability, but all in all, hot! I like her look with her hair gone wild! Not the prim and sleek hair that she has in Resident Evil.
Now we're talkin'!
I expect nothing less than an Oscar nomination out of Mr. Fight Club himself (well, half of Fight Club that is, sorry Brad!). As for De Niro, your act is nothing new to garner something out of the Academy.

Overall rating is 8 out of 10 because I was kinda' left hangin' in the end, wanting more! Give me my STONE!

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"I somehow see stagnation when it comes to Robert De Niro's acting."


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