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Have you seen any Wesley Snipes flicks lately?
Oops! Sorry! That ain't the promotional movie poster. Here it is.
我去过中国两次 为什么
Not the Asian version, dammit!
That's more like it!
Any film by Tony Scott is an instant winner. Now this film is from Tony my man. If you base everything on logic alone, then it means that Unstoppable is a winner because it was directed by Tony! The first shots of the film (where the trains suddenly go all blurry) are all pure Tony Scott!

Denzel is also bein' his usual self here in this flick. You know, with the Training Day-like statements and stuff. The only difference is that instead of taking on the action roles, he's now slowly bein' eased into the "old-man/daddy/pre-grampa" roles, as evidenced by him having full-grown daughters who are working themselves through college, and by him working at the train station since 1981 (shit, even older than me).
Working since 1981 will make you look a li'l somethin' like this.
Chris Pine is Chris Pine. Same dude from Star Trek.
Star Trek! Not Star Wars!
Same acting chops. Same everything! I guess that's why he missed out on the lead role for Tron. It's because he's always the same. the only thing that looked different is his face in the movie poster. He looks like Paul Walker!
Not a gay-looking version like this of course.
Lew Temple (that dude that played Ned) is really one of the versatile actors around Hollywood. He's described as a chameleon when it comes to acting, which says a lot. And if you notice, Lew was actually the same dude that played the county sheriff in the movie 21 Grams.

Rosario Dawson doesn't really deviate much from her roles, because I guess that's her comfort zone. You know, bein' a professional woman who works for the government or some kinda' agency. That's about it.

This should've been titled "Stoppable" because the train could be stopped easily anyway. A chopper just has to drop a man on the train to stop it. But they only thought of that in the end?!? Don't tell me Pennsylvanians are that stupid.
They could've been doin' this to begin with.
And lastly, whatever happened to the train full of kids? I was waiting for the train to slam into their car, causing chaos. But they were suddenly... gone.

Overall rating is 6.5. But since it's a Tony Scott film with Denzel in it, it suddenly becomes an 8 out of 10. Good stuff!

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