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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 9: Katerina

In this town, we play pool with sticks in our hands, newbie.
"Better you die than I."

I heart Bulgaria flashbacks mainly because of the Bulgarian accent (again, I know). This time, it's sort of an expression of power, mouthing the strong letter "R".  And we now know why Katherine's such as psychotic bitch. But it seems she has a tiny soft spot for family. But Elena is family? Okay, maybe just Katherine's parents. Props to Nina Dobrev for actually successfully drawing the line between her two characters.

Poor Jeremy. He's got game with newbie Luka for Bonnie's attention, and Luka's old man Jonas is working for Elijah, one of Klaus' soldiers. And father and son are warlocks. So, can anyone answer why all the witches and warlocks in this show, even non-Bennett ones, are black?

I would have liked to see more of the walking vampire encyclopedia Slater, but he was compelled by Elijah to kill himself—that's the second vampire myth an Orignal had disproved (first was the stake through the heart). Hmmm.

Is it just me or is Elena's self-pity really tiring? Caroline should lessen doing every physical thing for Elena. More Caroline-Stefan, please, so there would be more room for Damon-Elena. But for now, I guess Rose would do, just to get his shirt off.

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