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'Till My Heartaches End

Kim Chiu is so thin! If I was Gerald Anderson, I'd go for that other chick who played his ex in this film. Now that's yummy shit! Kim on the other hand, not so much.
Kim Chiu on opening night.
Well, it's the usual Pinoy movie plot for this flick. The love story shit really gets stale, especially if the title of the movie is a title of a past hit. Which is the standard right now for Pinoy movies. If you want your movie to be a hit here─and it's not the Metro Manila Film Festival yet─then make sure that your movie title must be a song title of some past, cheesy hit.
I guess same thing goes for this movie...
The chronological distortion technique that they've used in this flick really sucked! It wasn't anythin' like 21 Grams or The Prestige. They just inserted flashbacks in between the real time event (which is Kimerald sitting in a coffee shop, talkin' about breakin' up) just to show us that they can do somethin' different other than the usual chronological style that directors here seem to collectively have.

As for Mr. Anderson, if it wasn't for this flick, I wouldn't know that he could speak fluent Tagalog. I don't watch Pinoy Big Brother and ABS-CBN shows so I really wouldn't know shit, right? That's why.
I thought this dude only knew Portuguese and a li'l English?!
Overall rating is 4.5 out of 10 due to the fact that the plot and story are lame!

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