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Alternate Title "Eyes"

For all the right reasons, Perfect Stranger (2007) can have the alternate billing "Eyes"─a lofty understatement, but nonetheless exacting.


For one



And ah, finally, my personal, all-time favorite

Now, before this turns into another "Illuminati" movie─which it probably is, for good or bad─PS is on the surface an immersive investigation on the possible murder of extramarital partner, Grace, by suspect advertising CEO Hill (Bruce Willis), led by partner journalists Halle Berry and a favorite wild card actor, Giovanni Ribisi.

The investigation takes on a persistent quality as Grace is longtime bestfriend to, and implied supplier of, insider information to headliner stories for Berry. Filmic flashbacks are also employed to peak into the psychology of Berry, and hints to possible childhood trauma and vengeful motivations.

On the subliminal level, through which the Enemy likes to play on (Who is the the "Enemy"?), PS is either an Illuminati propaganda, an exposé, or an illumined illumination, haha. All of which are recommended for consideration, against careless statements of "just coincidence".

"Disclosure" may be the more proper term to umbrella these forms of information dissemination. Disclosures are either good or bad. So...

What, where are you being led to?

Is IT telling you to just accept "what is", more than
"what could be"?

Are you empowered? (Or) Are you helpless?

Who is in charge of your life??

PS may just help you with THAT.

Rating: 8.5 of 10.

Watch it online.


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