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The Big Year Review, or Having Three Comedians Doesn't Necessarily Mean It's a Comedy


This is going to be a riotously funny comedy, all on the strength of the three lead stars, Messrs. Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Luke Owen Wilson. I think this movie will deliver a lot of laughs to the point that would make my stomache ache with laughter.

Look at the three of them with their binoculars. So funny.

No, this is not a comedy at all. Having three very talented and extremely funny comedians topbilling this film is not a guarantee of side-splitting laughter.

"Really? We're not funny?"

The Big Year is a feel-good movie, closer to a drama than a comedy, and even closer to a documentary than a comedy. It's about birding, or birdwatching, a legitimate hobby that inspired me to search for my own hobby that doesn't require too much equipment. It also tells the story of three birders (I just assumed that's what they're called), and narrates their personal struggle alongside their birding.

This film isn't that funny. That's because it's not a comedy. But it's a great movie, one that would teach viewers more than just the names, plumages, and songs of the birds of North America.

The Big Year. USA. 2011.

Rating: Seven and a half out of ten.


You know what surprised me recently? Tower Heist. Nuff said for now :)

E bakit hindi ka pa nagre-review? Hahaha. Narinig ko nga maganda ang performance ni Eddie Murphy d'un e.

Haha. Oo. Tama ka. Dun ko nga lang pinakana-appreciate si EM. Pero parang sumablay yung character nya nung bandang hule. Hindi nila na-maintain ba.

E bakit hindi ka pa rin nagre-review? Hehe.

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