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The Secret Circle. Episode 15: "Return"

Spare us the sorry-I-left-you-but-I'm-back bullshit.

Daddy's back. And apparently, he's a changed man─and sans the dark magic he once possessed. I thought he'd bring the badass back to this show. Tsk, tsk. What good would he be now? Maybe we'll find out who else Daddy fathered in the circle, that's a little interesting.

What if it was Adam who's Cassie's half-sibling? How soap-operatic.

We met the not-a-warlock-but-casts-spells-on-people-and-escapes-death Witch Hunter. Next time, we'll probably meet Lee's ex-girlfriend(?). I hope they don't just add clutter to the already cluttered show.

For now, see how Lee's kiss was more "intimate" than Jake's booty call:

*screencaps courtesy of VLC


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