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New Girl. Episode 11: "Jess and Julia"

Did I miss something? Who's the lezbo BFF on the left?

Do you remember when somewhere in this blog I said something about girls being just like any other type of girl at one point in time or in one way or another? This is another example of that.

One request I hope writers will seriously consider: Don't play this show as a road to Nick-and-Jess' happy-ever-after: "One gets a significant other and then the other kind of gets in between, so the other one ends up breaking up with"—blah, blah, blah. I know it's there underneath each episode. Just stop.

And I hope you're finally giving Winston a decent story line.

This can only be good, right?

In other news: "I really want Julia to stay!" and "Where's the douchebag jar—again?"

•screencaps courtesy of VLC


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