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The Secret Circle. Episode 14: "Valentine"

Have a witch slumber party, but need a Ouija board to contact spirits.

Use one entire episode to show and explain how powerful the medallion is only for Cassie to crush it only with one hand.

Have a good-looking-when-he-smiles guy only to have him always brood.

Introduce a possbily fatal drug only to disregard Melissa and not bring her to the E.R. when she almost overdosed.

Have a witch hunter who also turns out to be a witch.
(He really looks better smiling.)

This show has been a lot of things—mostly ironic, really—except coherent.

But if we're going to go with it: Lee has a secret motive, Melissa would probably still have a drug problem, the love triangles were and will be tense as to be expected, and there was an early wee bit of a sexual tease.

*screencaps courtesy of VLC


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