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Music Icons: Whitney Houston

I don't believe I've masturbated to Whitney Houston before, though.

When I entered law school in 2007, they had a certain freshman tradition called the "Miss Freshman" night, where every freshman block chooses one male representative to compete in a drag contest. My block, strangely, chose me. I'd like to think it was on account of my beautiful face.

The Miss Freshman contest was patterned like beauty contest for drag queens─there was a swimsuit portion, a talent portion, and a question-and-answer portion. For my talent portion, I sang "One Moment in Time", by none other than Whitney Houston. I don't remember if I won, but I don't care. I won the Best in Swimsuit award, anyway.

My relationship with Whitney Houston goes way back. When I was in California back in '96, the song "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)" was on the radio (and on MTV). In my childhood, there was a comedienne who went by the name of Whitney Tyson. When my siblings were little, my aunt took care of them, and Whitney Houston was her favorite singer. Whenever a Whitney Houston song came on the radio, she would turn the volume up and start singing out loud.

Whitney Houston, like Michael Jackson, was part of my childhood. And now she is gone. Rest in peace.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston. 9 August 1963 – 11 February 2012


WOW. Best in swimsuit?! I can't imagine and I don't think I ever want to. Hahaha.

Whitney Houston's death was so-so for me until I saw a video of her singing the U.S. National Anthem. I was reminded of her powerful voice. I wanted to cry.

Michael Jackson's death was still the most devastating death of a musician for me.

I can't say I was "devastated", "saddened", I guess. Hehe.

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