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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 14: "Dangerous Liaisons"

Whew. Is it me or is it just really hot to see Damon make out.

Damon, my bad-ass Damon, is back. As much as I want Elena to choose him, history tends to repeat itself. Moving on, he's so good at being self-destructive. Even if he made out with Rebekah, I don't blame him at all. It's just so refreshing to see Damon like he was in Season 1 all over again.

With the absence of the serial killer—or a kill in one of Mystic Falls's big events (and this with the oldest, most powerful vampires at that)—this episode still does not lack the "big bangs" in true TVD shipper-shattering fashion:

I wonder if he's back on the bunny diet.

Stefan is officially back to brooding and self-pity. I miss Ripper Stefan. When he said on the porch “When I let myself care, all I feel is pain”, he basically said that Elena is not worth it. And it's fine because her Salvatore brother-juggling act was just trumped by a bigger love story.

He asked Tyler to bite her so he can move in—and did so like a true villain.

Klaus fancies and enjoys Caroline. Props to Vampire Barbie for keeping her morals intact, I guess. But I hope she gives him a chance. From being the most hated to becoming the most loved villain, no one wants to see Klaus die. We all want to see him in love and feel loved for a change.

This is an excuse to include Elijah in this post.

Kol is a spoiled ass with a noticeable semi-high-pitched voice—definitely a lesser being to his look-alike brother Elijah. I'm curious: Is Elijah the eldest or Finn? Kol is obviously the youngest and Klaus acts like a middle child.

And lastly...

Time for the witches to prove their superiority over vamps and wolves.

Esther wants to kill all her children. It's her duty to bring back the balance of nature. I understand—and Finn seems to agree and is ready to die, too—but with this plot, it is inevitable and only logical to also kill all vampires after the Originals. Can TVD manage to kill Damon and Stefan as well? No.

*screencaps courtesy of VLC.


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