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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 15: "All My Children"

And just like that, Esther and Finn are out!

And also just like that, Bonnie lost another family for Elena's sake, whether she intends to play a role in protecting The Doppelganger or not. I think The Witch would have allowed Esther to succeed if she could've done anything about it. No matter how big and deep a scar this event will give Bonnie and Elena's friendship, that scar is the saddest thing in this episode.

And also the letter Elijah wrote; he is flawed but just perfect.

So just like that, we are left with our favorite Originals:

And Rebekah, of course. Lover her, too.

I hope Elijah sticks around for a while longer, or at least keeps his toes in Mystic Falls every now and then. He needs to keep his siblings in line, I suppose. Or kill Klaus, maybe. Has our Original hybrid given up on Caroline? I hope not. The Stefan-Elena-Damon triangle is so Season 1 now.

I hate to say I told you so, but Flirty Doc is sooo not innocent. Alaric shouldn't die—well, he shouldn't die in every episode, really. 

*screencaps courtesy of VLC


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