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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 10: "After School Special"

Truth or Dare, The Vampire Diaries style

As the title suggests, it's an after-school school special thrown by Rebecca. It's really easier to compel a person and/or vampire to tell the truth rather than squeeze it out of him via physical torture. Emotional torture, on the other hand, leaves deeper and more permanent scars. What's fleshed out this time is Elena's true feelings (or could it still be the sire bond?), Shane's hidden agenda, and that the Originals know of Silas. Why the professor wants the first immortal resurrected, I'm not entirely sure. Is his agenda inherently evil because he is Silas in form but not yet in soul or spirit? Or could he just be a history nerd who doesn't really know what exactly he's dealing with?

Damon shooting Klaus is glorious. Bonnie should listen to her instincts more. Tyler should move on and put himself to good use. Jeremy has to step up the vampire killing. April needs to choose whose side she's on (probably the council's?). Kol looks better with dark hair.


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