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Elementary. Episode 12: "M"


Hello, is that Vinnie Jones? Why yes, it is. And in this episode, he plays a character called M. No, not the one from James Bond. The other British villain whose name starts with an M – Moriarty. Only Vinnie Jones doesn’t play Moriarty himself, but simply one of his henchmen.

I think this was how they shot Lord of the Rings.

Also, why are the episodes written by Rob Doherty the only ones with references to the canon? Did he tell his writing team, “Hey guys, look, I’m the creator, and nobody makes references to Conan Doyle but me”?

"I'm also the only one who gets to use
cut-out ransom notes as a plot device."

Also, this feels every bit like a season ender. But it isn’t.

Why'd you have to lie, Watson?

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