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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 11: "Catch Me If You Can"

A little more tame and romantic than carnal take-me-now sex.

With all the Original siblings present save for one, I do miss dear Elijah. Kol turned out to be somewhat a delay as to the search for the cure is concerned and the Damon-Elena thing (I will not refer to it as a relationship because it's really shady up to now). He's locked up because he's compelled by Kol to kill Jeremy. And Elena can't see a locked-up-in-the-Salvatore-mansion Damon because she'd do anything he'd say, including freeing him and endangering Jeremy's life.

At last, Bonnie knows about Shane's hand in the council's 12-man sacrifice, and yet he might be the only one who can help her control her powers. So, will her dad send her off to Witch-Power-Control Anonymous? If Daddy really wants to help, he should invite a maternal relative of Bonnie's over for a vacation.

Stefan ─ well, I guess rebound sex is a bit better than his not-in-love-with-Elena thing. And Rebekah is a slut can seduce any man or vampire and take any sex she desires. But I would say this definitively: Rebekah's bed scenes with Damon were way, way hotter and sexier than her bed scenes with Stefan.

Jeremy the hunter kill Kol with the white oak stake?
Brilliant plan, but very stupid, Elena.

P.S. I read a lot lately about a spin-off with The Originals cooking behind the scenes. There are only four Originals left, so TVD can't kill them anymore lest they end up with just Klaus as the lone Original for that series. I'm not sure if that's a good idea, but it's interesting to find out how that series will complicate the events in Mystic Falls.

We'd rather our hybrid still have his bickering sessions with his sibs.

Sue Denim still has issues with online anonymity.


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