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Hope Springs

Hope Springs, as the title would hint at it, is about having hope and hope following through with your expectations. Headlined by the Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, the film morphs into a hopeful romantic movie about an elderly couple. But really, Hope Springs is actually the name of the small town where our two leads spend a few days or so to undergo an intense marriage counseling from this guy.

That's doctor-psychologist Steve Carrell. Would you really take this guy seriously?

As the movie Dan in Real Life has proven to me, Carell can be a serious-funny (or is it funny-serious?) actor. In other words, he's not just a goof, although he can really be one. I always look forward to La Streep's performances because every time, they're spot-on ─ never over-acting or under-performing. Even Jones is perfect, doing what he does best, with one too many grins, smiles, and kissing scenes.

They play a married couple, so deal with 'em.

It's fairly a simple movie, tackling the details of matters of the heart (and body!) very matter-of-factly ─ and this one is very important! Young or old, everybody wants intimacy to be consistent in a relationship, so you'll just finish the movie, hoping for some tips on how to achieve that with a loved one.

Hope Springs gets a six-point-eight out of ten, for having top actors and an inspiring story that will certainly make you smile.

*Screencaps via VLC

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I really loved Meryl Streep's acting here. Very subtle, yet very effective.

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