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Television Icons: Pepe Pimentel

Pepe Pimentel in his prime.

If you grew up in Quezon City in the 80s, you should be familiar with the first SM City ever – the one in North EDSA. If you’ve been there on a Sunday, at the food court, around noontime, then you would remember the show Kwarta o Kahon, a show that ran for more than twenty years.

I of course would always have fond memories of Tito Pepe Pimentel. The best would be the Yakult game, where contestants would spin a roulette and hope it stops on a letter they’ve chosen. Tito Pepe would sing along chanting the contestant’s letter. Hilarious.

What Tito Pepe would say when he learns YouTube
has  no videos of the Yakult roulette game.

Pepe (The Internet does not say what his real name is) Pimentel. 27 April 1929 - 24 January 2013.

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