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Young Adult

I heard some award buzz for Charlize Theron in this film, for playing Mavis Gary—a young-adult-series ghost-writer, who's recently divorced and is probably an alcoholic—very well. And it's no surprise; she was convincing playing a pathetic girl.

She still looks hot, though.

Mavis decides to go back to her hometown to snatch his former boyfriend from his wife and newborn and live happily ever after. Only, the results aren't what she hoped for, and it's not really a surprise, because she's totally disillusioned.

"This is color splash is called fashion, people!" 

Promising premise? Maybe. But there is really nothing else to it. It could have been a late coming-of-age thing. Theron was so convincing, you'll just really feel very sorry for her and that's that. Treatment is kind of a bore, and Mavis didn't really grow much. But the movie has its tagline in the bag: "Some people grow old but never grow up", or something like that.

Even her dog walked all over her. 

I couldn't believe this was written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman—the same team behind Juno, which I think had a really great story and overall treatment. Young Adult, for me doesn't even come close. I understand it's a different material, of course, but then again...

Like a cool Mini Cooper, only a really broken one. (What?)

Young Adult gets a five out of 10, for failing capitalize on Charlize Theron's awesome acting skills and leaving the film bland in more ways than one.

*screencaps by VLC


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