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Suits. Season 2, Episode 1: "She Knows"


After a year of absence, Suits is back on the air, this time with more complications than the bright legal minds of Pearson, Specter, and Ross can handle (sounds like a good name for a firm, right?).

No, this is not the dinner that makes Mike partner.

The cliffhanger from last season's finale has finally been resolved. Jessica Pearson already knows that Mike Ross is full of shit. Glad they got that out of the way, instead of spending the entire second season worrying when the hell Jessica is going to find out. Oh, wait. There are still some people who don't know. Like Rachel Zane. And Louis Litt. So the producers can actually spend the entire second season letting us worry about when the hell will Louis Litt find out and descend on Mr. Ross like a carnivorous bird of prey.

More Louis Litt next episode, please.
We missed him.

Great move in introducing a new villain in the series by the name of Daniel Hardman. As in the other-half-of-Pearson-Hardman Hardman. This focuses the attention away from Louis Litt as the bad guy, and might even give Louis a chance to prove that he's a nice guy at heart (who only happens to work in the most rotten profession in the world).

Never trust a smiling lawyer.

Also, thank you, writers. One of this show's strengths lies in the dialogue. You can't help but admire the witty banter among the characters, especially between Mike and Harvey. Thank you also for your pop culture references. This week, it's Goodfellas by Mike Ross, and Highlander by Harvey Specter.

"Please don't start singing that Queen song."


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