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Curiosity took the better of me, so I watched Shame for a glimpse of Magneto's... er, Michael Fassbender's thing without any idea what the film was about. And if I were to describe my first impression of this film after watching it: soft porn. But it's not really that; or rather, it's more than that.

Brandon (Fassbender) is a sex addict disconnected with his family and everyone else really, enjoying his privacy and indulging in several acts of sexual pleasure. But when his troubled sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan) comes to stay with him, his whole world shatters. Change is the only solution, but how could he manage that?

Either he just had sex or he just pleasured himself.

If you look past the suggested sex scenes and the sex scenes per se, you will see how lonely and alone Brandon is. I think, his sex addiction developed as a coping mechanism for underlying family and personal issues—just like Sissy  developed  a coping mechanism of her own, too. The beauty of Fassbender's portrayal is that you can clearly see that Brandon is struggling. He's ashamed of himself in so many ways that he couldn't even try to open himself to another person for fear of being judged.

Stop walking in on my masturbating, okay, you cutter biatch?

Just a side thought though while watching the film: "Are these numerous sex scenes absolutely necessary?" The implied sex scenes really worked well. And while I don't squirm at sex scenes, actual pumping in the nude was kind of distracting. But I guess it comes with the story and to establish the character.

Yes, they're even kind of putting on a show.

Shame gets a six out of ten, for digging deep inside a sex addict's psyche, good casting choice, but bordering on "I can put as many sex scenes as I deem fit."

*screencaps by VLC


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