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Ten of the Stupidest (and/or Funniest) Reactions to the John Prats-Bianca Manalo Break-Up


I already knew about the break-up between John Prats and Bianca Manalo weeks before almost everyone else.

As proven by the timestamp.

Some even refused to believe it. I admire them for their optimism.

Talagang all caps?

Because I think my parents did a good job of raising me, I did not write about it. I would have, though, if I'd known the topic would get me several thousand hits in a matter of hours.

News of the break-up is all over the internet now. But the real Internet gems can be found─where else─in the comments section. Here are ten of the stupidest (and funniest) reactions to the John-Bianca break-up, on the Yahoo! article alone.

Number 10

This can actually be considered a smart comment, if the author was referencing J.R.R. Tolkien, not Peter Jackson. It would be an even smarter comment if he mentioned Tyrion Lannister instead.

Number 9

Oh, you have a reliable source? Really? He seems very reliable indeed.

Number 8

This one was obviously never bitch-slapped when he was young. Such filthy words.

Number 7

Although this guy only voiced out what most guys are thinking, he did it with very poor choice of words. Tsk, tsk.

Number 6

Take note of this guy's location. Manila, National Capital Region. Exactly.

Number 5

Reading the entire thread of the conversation will make you ask yourself, "Huh?"

Number 4

All right, he needs to mention John's height three times. Just to make sure everyone knows and doesn't forget.

Number 3

This comment belongs to a different article.

Number 2

I'd like to see this person actually file a complaint with ABS-CBN. And be laughed at as they take his complaint and shred it right in front of his eyes.

Number 1

Thank you for the imagery, good sir. You made my day.

One commendable thing about the Prats family is that they showed just how long they've been in this business. They reacted with style, and class, handling the situation the way it's supposed to be handled─like nothing happened.


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