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The Game of Thrones Season 2 Awards

And now, Game of Thrones season 2 has come to a close. This is more or less the same feeling I had last year when this show left the air. I had to seek solace with other shows, just to satisfy my urge for good quality telivision programs. And now I'm feeling it again. And this season's cliffhanger is the best yet.

Anyway, in lieu of a full season 2 review, I've decided to give out (fictional) awards for this season, similar to what I did for the film Sucker Punch. And I hope the actors, writers, and filmmakers involved get to know just how much I appreciate all their efforts into making this possibly the best thing on television right now. As a token of my appreciation, I present them with an Iron Throne trophy, which is actually a paperweight.

Of course, I'd like one for myself.

And now, here are the awards for...

Best Newcomer
Jaqen H'ghar
Tom Wlaschiha
"You like a man's highlights?"

This character is so enigmatic, it's actually a great move by the producers to introduce him for one season only. Another season, and Jaqen H'ghar would've lost all his mystery. It's great to keep the audience asking, "How the hell does he kill people? And how did he change his face?"

Best Iron Throne Contender
Stannis Baratheon
Stephen Dillane
The absence of facial hair makes you wonder
whether Stannis was the only adopted one
among the Baratheon brothers.

Stannis Baratheon actually has the strongest claim to the Iron Throne, if the Westerosi laws of succession are to be observed. Also, despite losing the Battle of Blackwater, he didn't throw in the towel just yet. There is, after all, a third season to all of this.

Best Iron Throne Contender's Bitch
Carice van Houten
Her favorite shade of red is "menstrual".

Melisandre is not here just because Stannis Baratheon won the award for Best Iron Throne Contender. She's here on her own merits. She is hot. She's a redhead (though not in real life). And she looks really great without her clothes on.

Best Dressed Female
Margaery Tyrell
Natalie Dormer
"Are you looking at my cleavage?"

Two words: Plunging necklines. I don't even have to explain.

Best Dressed Male
Petry Baelish
Aidan Gillen
"I don't need to wear robes."

Among all the males in Westeros, Petry Baelish is the only one who always looks like he's wearing a skirt. I don't consider Littlefinger the best dressed man only because he looks like he's in drag. It's because I always like the way skirt-like wardrobes flow visually. Instead of looking like pansies, they actually look more badass, in my opinion.

Best Cameo
Khal Drogo
Jason Momoa
"Give me another cameo, HBO. Conan failed at the box office."

Khal Drogo was one  of the most badass characters of season 1, and a lot of fans were outraged when he died because of the lamest reason possible for a horse lord─an infection. So it's kind of HBO to bring Momoa back even for just a few minutes onscreen, even if they didn't show any Dothraki humping between the Khal and his Khaleesi.

Most Dramatic Death
Maester Luwin
Donald Sumpter
Don't talk, old man, you'll only make us cry.

This death is the most heartbreaking death in the entire series, only because we've known Maester Luwin since season 1, and he is one of the few genuinely good and kind-hearted characters in the series. He's like your loving grandfather.

Most Badass Death
Francis Magee
Also nominated for Most Badass Accent.

Yoren actually sacrificed his life to save not just one, but two lives─Arya Stark's, and Gendry's. Actually, he saved the lives of everyone who was part of their caravan that day. Rest in peace, Yoren, and may Mr. Magee have a great career after this show.

Best Child Performance (Female)
Arya Stark
Maisie Williams
"I'm gonna kill you─with kindness. Want me to butter your bread, m'lord?"

Maisie Williams has been the most promising actress since season 1, back when she was a girl. For season 2, she started out as a girl pretending to be a boy. Then as soon as she meets Tywin Lannister, she becomes a girl who got discovered playing a boy who was pretending to be a girl. Is that not a difficult feat to pull off for a 15-year old actress?

Best Child Performance (Male)
Bran Stark
Isaac Hempstead Wright
He never cried, not even when he fell off the tower. Brave boy.

Bran Stark's character has grown so much since the first season, from the crippled boy who was once a great climber, to the little lord of Winterfell. And Bran's character will become so much more in the succeeding seasons.

Best Female Performance
Sansa Stark
Sophie Turner
"Uh... I love Joffrey?"

Ah... another Stark. It seems that losing a father in the first season will give the children enough drive to shine in the next season with their stellar performances. The reason Sophie Turner is so good is because she has become Sansa Stark. She nailed the part of the "frightened girl who just wants to be queen" rather perfectly.

Best Male Performance
Theon Greyjoy
Alfie Allen
Also nominated for Best Crazy Look.

It might be luck that Theon Greyjoy had the best character arc in the entire season, giving Alfie Allen a chance to showcase his acting prowess with such a deep character. Good thing he isn't dead yet. I would seriously want him to redeem himself in season 3.

Best Writing
George R.R. Martin
Can't find a photo of GRRM signing some breasts.

No, it's not because George R.R. Martin wrote the books which this series is based on. It's because Martin showed us that he knows how adaptations work, possibly impressing the show's creators into allowing him to write more than one episode next season. And also because Martin has provided us with some great Bronn backstory, as well as bringing music and song onto the set.

Best Directing
Alan Taylor
Apprently, he's directing the Thor sequel.

Alan Taylor actually directed majority of the episodes this season. He directed the first episode "The North Remembers", episode 2 "The Night Lands", episode 8 "The Prince of Winterfell", and the season ender, "Valar Morghulis".  And there is a reason he helmed 4 out of 10 episodes this season─because he is damn good. And if you've seen the season ender, you'll know what I'm talking about. Best cliffhanger ever.

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Game of Thrones (Season 2). USA. 2012.

Rating: Eight point eight out of ten.

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