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Literary Icons: Ray Bradbury

Is he winking?

The name Ray Bradbury is a giant in American literature, particularly in the science fiction genre. Bradbury himself resisted that label, preferring to be associated with fantasy instead.

I admit that I am familiar with his name, but not quite familiar with his works. That's because the English department in my university doesn't seem to hold the science fiction genre in high regard. If they did, Frank Herbert's Dune would be part of the curriculum, as well as Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.

As with all celebrities who die in the Internet age, interest in their works will definitely spike. So use this chance to read a Ray Bradbury story. Doesn't matter whether it's a novel or a short story, as long as it's Ray Bradbury. Right now, I'm reading "I Sing the Body Electric", because the title sounds so weird. As it turns out, the title was taken from a Walt Whitman poem. Weird indeed.

Ray Douglas Bradbury. 22 August 1920─5 June 2012.


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