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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

No, it's not a book (yet!), but an animated short film.

Actually, you can watch in on the Internet. And yes, it's a good one. Not convinced?

Plus 13 other awards worldwide.

No spoken words, only sound effects and the nursery rhyme and song "Pop! Goes The Weasel". Sort of Pixar-like in terms of animation, but Moonbot Studios used a combination of hand-drawn and digital animation, and miniatures similar to stop-motion animation—that's why it looked like some elements pop up from the frame. Definitely Pixar-like in terms of heart, and if you have no idea what heart is, please watch Toy Story 3 or Up.

See? Just like Uponly with books and a man.

Worth every second of its 15-minute running time, like a good book is worth every turn of a page—you only need to open a one and read (or in this case, hit play)...

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore gets an eight out of ten, for being short and sweet, and everything else in between (wait, what?).

*screenaps from TheInspirationRoom.com,  MorrisLessmore.comTrendsnow.net
**video on Youtube.com


omg seriously wanna watch this

You can watch it right here. Just play the embedded YouTube video. =)

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