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Television Icons: Angelo Castro, Jr.


The older generation might remember him as an actor. I don't.

I remember him more for anchoring the late night news show The World Tonight with Tina Monzon-Palma. That show, in my opinion, was like TV Patrol for rich people, because it was in English, and because... um... it was in English. Well apparently, he also created TV Patrol. As a kid, I always thought he was related to Noli de Castro. I kind of thought of him as Noli de Castro's rich cousin. Or Noli was Angelo's poor cousin. Me and my stupid childhood thoughts.

Anyway, rest in peace, Mr. Castro. I don't actually remember what your exact catch phrase was, and the Internet gives several versions of it. But thank you for your contribution to Philippine broadcasting. You will be missed.

Angelo Y. Castro, Jr. 6 March 1945 ─ 5 April 2012.


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