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Game of Thrones. Season 2, Episode 4: "Garden of Bones"

I mentioned in the review for the previous episode that George R. R. Martin loves to have his name appear between horse dicks. Apparently, that's a falsehood. With the introduction of new locations, of course the opening credits animated sequence will change.

"Oh well. So much for horse dicks." -G.R.R.M.

Here are the new additions:

Spelled with a double R. Not with a double N, nor a double A.

Not sure if this fireball is the sun or the comet.

Pronounced "Karth".

What I don't quite like about the opening credits for season 2 is that they retain some places despite those places not appearing in the episode at all. In this episode, they still featured Pyke and the Wall, even if there were no scenes with the Greyjoys nor the Night's Watch. And they had to stretch the theme music for a few bars just to maintain the timing. To normal folk, it would probably go unnoticed. But to those with musical ears, you know what I'm talking about.

Wow, that's a lot of griping over a simple opening sequence. Anyway, what else is new in this episode? This girl:

There's something about dirty girls
in Westeros.

Wait, isn't she supposed to be the Westerling girl? But why is her name "Talisa"? Are you trying to confuse the fans, Messrs. Benioff and Weiss?

"Not at all, bitches."

Oh, and then there's this lot:

A.k.a. "The Thirteen".
A.k.a. "Spot the Racist".

You can expect to see more of them in the coming episodes. Dragons!

Anything new in King's Landing? How about King Joffrey's douchebaggery? No, that's old news.

"Did you just call me 'old news'?"

Here's something new, and which also makes for one great cliffhanger (and which will also leave the guys masturbating until next week):

Naked Melisandre. Enough said.


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