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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 18: "Murder of One"

Well, if there was a first to go, the easy choice is really Finn.

This episode confirms my theory that if our gang successfully kills the Originals, every other vampire who was created by their blood, of course, should also die. And this is a problem because, of course, we cannot lose Caroline, Stefan, and especially Damon. I hope it was Elijah's blood that turned Rose (who turned Katherine, and so on and so forth), so the gang wouldn't have to kill him and everybody's happy. Well, not really, because without Klaus, I couldn't think of another worthy villain. Oh, and we'll lose Tyler, but that's okay with me. But maybe he'll survive. He is, first and foremost, a werewolf before he became a hybrid.

Our resident witch is really powerful now.

Too bad (or good, if we really must have to defer any more deaths for the big finish), that Bonnie unlinked the Originals. While one is dead, the other four survive. But the last few of the white oak tree surrendered to its target, so I can't help but think of the witch that was hell-bent on not being a vampire's puppet, and she stood her ground even if Jeremy and Abby were endangeredanyway, it's all for the greater goodthen all their problems would have been solved with the murder of one. If only our dear vampires were left alone to live. But alas, life in Mystic Falls isn't easy and nor is it as clear-cut as black and white. So, who really decides to die? After all, realistically speaking, we really can't save everybody.

It's good to see Klaus and hear his voice after a two-episode absence.

But in Elena's case, although she clearly feels something for Damon, Stefan already said he loves her (again after the life-threatening and the not-feeling-anything), so I think that's taking the Stelana route again, unless there's some big life-changing event that I don't know is coming. If it's family against family in the season finale, Oh, I don't know, our Team Salvatore might just prevail after all.

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