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Film Icons: Ralph McQuarrie

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I only know Mr. McQuarrie for his work in Star Wars. But he doesn't have just one work─he has many. And there isn't just one Star Wars flick─there are many.

At first I thought McQuarrie only illustrated the Star Wars books. But it turns out, he actually illustrated the entire Star Wars universe. Well, "illustrated" doesn't quite capture it─he dreamt up the entire Star Wars universe.

Although he may look like a typical grandfather-type white old man, this is how his work looks like, for those who don't know:

The Emperor was originally supposed to have blue skin[citation needed].

This is quite dead on.

Now show some respect.

Even Fozzie and Gonzo paid their respects.

Ralph Angus McQuarrie. 13 June 1929 ─ 3 March 2012.


Just FYI - the third illustration, while modeled after his concepts, is not by Ralph McQuarrie.

Thank you, Mr. Scoleri. I have updated the post. :-)

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