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The Secret Circle. Episode 21: "Prom"

Ditching Team Cassie-Jake for Team Faye-Jake.

Apparently, Faye and Jake were supposed to go to the prom two years ago, but Faye waited for three hours and Jake never showed up. Prom this year brought some closure to that. There's closure, too, for Melissa accepting that the Nick they knew is dead and killed this sort-of-demon impostor. Another one is Diana finding out that her dad is not exactly a good guyhe killed Emilia, Cassie's mom. And one last, which  is also a build-up for the finale, is Cassie and Diana knowing the truth about Blackwell through their witchy-timey-wimey. Jake's granddad's "what John Blackwell really wanted from the circle" was spot on. And he already has the final crystal.

Let's see how our black magic sisters handle their own blood.

*screencaps by VLC


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