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Eight Star Wars Ships, and the Real-World Objects That Inspired Them

May the 4th is considered by fans as Star Wars Day, simply because saying "May the fourth be with you" out loud sounds like saying "May the Force be with you" with a lisp. So the geek in me decided to do a special Star Wars post.

A lot of geeks hail George Lucas as a genius, exclaiming, "The great bearded one is so great at imagining the future!" Indeed, those same geeks believe that George Lucas enters into an altered state, where he communes with the gods of creativity in helping him visualize his futuristic universe.

Sorry to disappoint you, geeks. The inspiration for some of the Star Wars ships aren't really from the realm of ideas. Most of them were taken from ordinary, everyday objects. Here now is a list of eight Star Wars spacecraft, and the real world objects that inspired them1. They are numbered for sequential purposes only, and are not ranked according to any criterion.

8. Slave I

Boba Fett's (formerly Jango Fett's) ship.

resembles a

A common house iron.

7. Imperial Super Star Destroyer Executor

Darth Vader's Star Destroyer.

taken from

A bronze arrowhead.

6. TIE Fighter

The X-Wing's natural predator.

totally looks like

The Eleventh Doctor's bow tie.

or maybe

An empty spool.

5. Trade Federation Battleship

Nute Gunray's command station.

reminds me of

A donut. With a bite on it.

and since we're on the subject of bread...

4. Millenium Falcon

Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.

inspired by

A croissant.

3. B-Wing

I still don't see how this is shaped like a "B".

ripped off from

Yes, Star Wars has Christian influences.

2. Y-Wing

Now this totally looks like a "Y".

copied from

A tuning fork.

and finally, this last one isn't technically a ship, but it moves through outer space, so what the heck...

1. The Second Death Star

Actually a fully-functional battle station.

similar to

Missing: Worm.

So remember, parents, should your children discover Star Wars and ask you to buy the toys for them, you can just buy the stuff listed here, then tell your kids to use their imagination. In the long run, your kids will turn out to be more creative people while saving you a lot of money in the process. It's a win-win situation! Thanks, Star Wars!

1 Citation needed


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