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Music Icons: Adam Yauch a.k.a. MCA

"Check. Check."

I remember my first encounter with the Beastie Boys. It was back in freshman high school, while reading an issue of Rolling Stone magazine. What I was really reading was an article about graffiti, featuring the graffiti artist JA. Then I came across an article with a picture of the Beastie Boys, with one of them sporting a cool goatee, wearing a cool windbreaker and a really cool fisherman (or bucket) hat. I thought to myself, "This guy looks really cool." So I checked the photo caption, and it said that the goateed guy with the cool hat was named Adam Yauch. After that, I decided to check out their music. Remember, this was the time before the Internet was mainstream, so it took some time between that Rolling Stone encounter and the time I heard my first Beastie Boy song.

Yes, that's right. I liked the Beastie Boys because of a cool hat. How shallow.

RIP MCA. You were the first Beastie Boy I knew by name.

Adam Nathaniel "MCA" Yauch. 5 August 1964 ─ 4 May 2012.


My first known Beastie name was Adam Horowitz... In any case, MCA's voice was the coolest amongst the 3. The other 2 had those "sissy" voices... Cool group though, still. RIP!

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