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Game of Thrones. Season 2, Episode 5: "The Ghost of Harrenhal"

RIP Renly Baratheon.

"Are you... the Ghost Rider?"

You will be missed by your subjects, and your penis will be missed by Ser Loras. And you can tell Margaery is grieving by her dress. No plunging necklines for widows in mourning, it seems.

Sorry, no more cleavage.

Poor Theon Greyjoy. He still has a lot to learn about commanding respect. No one should be allowed to talk to him like that, especially those ironborn douchebags. He should have slit the throat of that cheeky bastard at the first sign of disrespect. Then maybe even Yara Greyjoy might think twice about insulting her clearly psychotic brother.

He should've given him a good backhand slap for starters.

Ah, finally, the Dothraki look clean and fresh once more. Daenerys looks yummy. And so does Doreah. Irri, not so much. I'm good with Doreah.

I'd take both of them. Minus the dragon, of course.

Finally—Rickon Stark! Where the hell have you been, boy? We thought you were dead. Although it really doesn't seem to make any difference. I mean, the show can actually survive without you, did you know that?

Look at him. The boy's a nutter.

We also get a first glimpse of Qhorin Halfhand as well as the far north. Yes, we know that black is the official color of the Night's Watch. But shouldn't they be wearing white if they want to sneak up on the wildlings unnoticed? Instead, they retain their black cloaks, which stand out against the white snow like black ants on sugar. Very smart, Lord Commander Mormont. Very smart.

Honestly, Mormont doesn't give a flying fuck.


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